November 12, 2019

Field Notes:

The 2017-2018 season is off to a furious start.  We have been very pleased with how the season has turned out.  With the unusually hot and dry summer, we were worried how the bird numbers and crops would turn out.  Although the statewide bird numbers have taken another hit this year, we are happy to see all the wild birds so far this year.  The crops and cover have turned out way better than expected, which all make for a great start to this season.  Many groups have been through already and the rest of October and November will be equally busy.  The weather has treated us great so far and lets hope winter stay away for the majority of the season.  Thank you to everyone that has come through the door so far this year and looking forward to seeing all of you scheduled the remainder of the season.  If you are still trying to make last minute plans for a pheasant hunt, give us a call and we will try to get you worked in.


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