Do we hunt on private land?

All of Broken Arrow Farms hunting ground is privately owned and farmed by our own employees for our exclusive use. It is actually illegal in South Dakota to guide hunters on public land which some outfits occasionally do.

Is blaze orange required?

It is not required by law, but we highly encourage wearing either a blaze cap or vest. We can provide these garments for you.

With a large group in a field with shotguns... is it safe?

We make every effort to make pheasant hunting a safe experience. A safety meeting takes place prior to hunting. Safety is closely monitored during the hunt.

Can I bring a dog?

We encourage people to bring dogs. There is more joy hunting with your own dog. We have kennels available during your stay. Our experience has been that the big country combined with the tremendous amount of birds are a little overwhelming at first, to even experienced gun dogs. We will normally work it so the dogs and the hunters will all enjoy the experience.

How do we get the birds home?

Many of our hunters opt to have the birds shipped once they return home. Some will take a cooler of birds on the airplane on departure, others choose to donate some of the their birds and take a smaller amount with them. We also have options for smoked birds, smoked sticks, jerky and other favorites.

Do the guides carry guns?

Absolutely Not!

How is the late season hunting?

If your heart races at the sound of 100+ birds flushing, then come hunting in December. The birds are bunched up and very flighty which makes for a challenging hunt. If cold weather isn’t a problem, late season hunting is a truly memorable experience.

Do we have long drives between hunts?

No, all of our hunting ground surrounds our facilities. The furthest field is only three miles away. Many are literally “out-the-front-door”.

Do you have clay pigeons to shoot?

Yes, we have a regulation skeet course with a high and low house to hone your skills. The use is unlimited to our package hunters.

Are the birds wild or pen-raised?

South Dakota is home to millions and millions of pheasants. Any commercial operation that focuses an effort on habitat will be home to countless numbers of ringnecks. Wild birds in their natural surroundings is our focus at Broken Arrow Farms. We have over 1,000 acres in a South Dakota preserve, which allows us to increase the season length, bag limits, and shooting hours. Under South Dakota regulations, we are required to release birds in order to take advantage of these extended opportunities. It is not a “shoot” where birds are placed in the fields ahead of the hunters, it is an intensively managed, stocking program to supplement our wild bird population.

Can we do an unguided hunt?

All of our hunts are fully guided for safety and liability reasons. Our land is surrounded by private land with the borders sometimes not well defined. Our guides make sure everything takes place in a safe and legal manner. If a small group wants to work an area by themselves, their guide simply picks up the group at the other end of the area.