Hunting Dogs

The tail starts to quiver out of control; the nose hovering just above the ground, trying to catch the intoxicating odor of the soon to be flushing ring neck. The quivering turns into quick jerky motions, frantically trying to pinpoint the bird. Is there anything prettier than a good bird dog working brilliant fall cover?

It is no wonder why we get excited about our kennel of dogs. We maintain a stable of dogs which includes yellow, black and chocolate Labradors, English pointers, Weimaraner’s, and a couple pointer lab crosses. Each guide will have 4 to 6 dogs in the dog trailer each day. Many times two dogs per guide are on the ground at one time. Fresh dogs are wanted each walk to always ensure optimum performance. Our guides will work the dogs only, they NEVER shoot. Our dogs all have lovable personalities. They certainly love their jobs and our hunters notice that our dogs are rewarded generously for all they do.

We highly encourage our hunters to bring their own dogs as there is nothing better than hunting with your own dog. We have kennel facilities available.

Each year we have at least one litter of puppies out of our own stock. If you are looking for a great hunting dog and family pet, check with us to see what’s available.

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