This couldn’t be more true as it pertains to pheasant hunting.  Great habitat will provide incredible pheasant numbers.

That is why we have taken over 1,000 acres out of commercial agriculture production and turned it over to the birds.  Food, water and cover are the building blocks to establish great habitat.  Food is provided by a variety of food plots. Corn, milo, sunflowers, and millet are some of the crops grown in a variety of sized plots.

Water is available in the form of stock dams and sloughs throughout the farm.  We have recently added a couple of new dams and a deep, free flowing well to help out in the recent dry years.  The last couple of years have proven that water is essential in keeping birds.

Habitat Photo
Habitat Photo

Cover is a year round necessity.  Cover consists of tree belts, weed patches, grasses, etc.  Cover provides nesting areas for hens, escape from predators, nightly roosting areas, and very important transitional areas for travel.

All of our ground is privately owned and farmed by our employees.  We constantly rotate the use of this ground NEVER OVER HUNTING or stressing the land.  This assures total control of the final product.  We have proven, with the drought and low bird numbers a few years ago, that our habitat consistently produces awesome bird numbers.